D-HOB 4.0 – mobile rail machining for turnouts in specially monitored track quality

schweerbau GmbH - D-Hob 4.0 - drawing


The specially designed D-HOB 4.0 for point treatment combines a rotational planer and block grinder for the first time. The machining of up to 1.5 mm per passage is totally free of sparks and dust. The chips are sucked off immediately and bunkered in the block grinder. The rail head’s transverse and longitudinal profiles are manufactured as per EN 13231-3:2012. The machining marks run in the rail’s longitudinal direction. Once the rail machining is finished, roughness values are available at a level below the limits as per TSI+ and ISO 3095. It is not necessary to run the rail rolling surface in.
As a result, the “specially monitored track” system can be realised in turnouts for the first time too. The machine can be used on high-speed tracks up to 300 km/h, heavily used freight train routes and local railway and underground networks night and day.