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The Berlin city train becomes quieter

After replacement of the rails on some stretches of the Berlin S-Bahn (Zoologischer Garten, Friedrichstraße and Ostbahnhof) last year, loud squealing has bothered the local residents. Deutsche Bahn AG consequently commissioned a special machine for grinding the rails. The noise was reduced by a significant amount as a result …

(PDF: TrackNews, 15.01.2015 / von: DB Mobility Logistics AG)

Deutsche Bahn renovates tracks – 850 building sites a day

The company needs years to make up for investments which were not made. In the north, 210 million Euros is being notched up this year.

Many visitors to the Hanover Trade Fair need to take a few inconveniences into account. Because, just in time for the start of the trade fair today, the railway closed the high speed route between Hanover and Kassel. The route needs immediate renovation because the ballast on the track is not holding the sleepers under the rails properly. The decision at short notice caused a lot of anger towards the company. But the results of the latest measurement runs revealed an urgent need for action. The alternative would have been a top speed of 80 for trains. While the general overhaul was initially expected to be required as late as 2019. By then, the section will be 30 years old …

(PDF: Hamburger Abendblatt, 25.04.2016)

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„A giant on the rails“

The track-laying train moves to the south at a speed of three kilometres an hour. At lunchtime on Saturday, the monster reaches the north of Heppenheim. The 2.4 kilometre long ensemble of construction machinery, transport and logistics carriages doesn’t have much further to go. The tracks, sleepers and ballast are being refurbished on a 3.8 kilometre stretch of the Main-Neckar railways between Bensheim (to the south of the junction with the Nibelung railway) and Heppenheim station. After four weeks of ceaseless work, it is finished. All according to plan, confirms Andreas Poppe from Schweerbau, the company carrying out the work. “We haven’t found any grenades.”

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