High performance rail milling machine – HSM

The HSM –the new generation of milling machines

Schweerbau has extended its portfolio of machines for the mobile rail treatment by a high-performance milling machine. The HSM (High-Speed Milling machine), a milling machine of the next generation, is the result of our proven collaboration with our long-term partners Mevert Maschinenbau GmbH, Lauenhagen (work engineering) and Gleisbaumechanik Brandenburg / H. GmbH, Kirchmöser (vehicle engineering). The HSM has been approved by the German Railway Authority EBA and in April 2016 obtained its clearance by DB Netz AG.
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Rotational planer – D-HOB 2500

D-HOB 2500 rotational planer – innovative technology for the rail machining in turnouts proves itself in practice

First performed in December 2012, rotational planing has become an established technology for eliminating rolling contact fatigue and treating new rails in turnouts. Meanwhile two D-HOB 2500 rotational planers are operating in the entire DB network on tracks designed for speeds of as much as 300 km/h.
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