Since 1929 …

Our development began in 1929. The current state of the art can be seen on the following pages, predominantly documented by our machines. But what are machines without the employees to operate them.

We are a family company, and are proud to say that our staff turnover is vanishingly low. We are fighting to keep it this way until our 100th birthday at least.


The latest news


Mobile track treatment on rails and points using rotating planes

Read the article about our rotating plane in the trade journal “Der Eisenbahn-Ingenieur” here, 09/2013

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  • schweerbau GmbH - Gelbe Maschinen Startseite

    Die aktuelle Übersicht der »Gelben Maschinen« gibt es hier zu sehen >>>

  • The Berlin city train becomes quieter

    After replacement of the rails on some stretches of the Berlin S-Bahn (Zoologischer Garten, Friedrichstraße and Ostbahnhof) last year, loud squealing has bothered the local residents … Read more >>>

    Deutsche Bahn renovates tracks – 850 building sites a day

    The company needs years to make up for investments which were not made. In the north, 210 million Euros is being notched up this year … Read more >>>

    „A giant on the rails“

    The track-laying train moves to the south at a speed of three kilometres an hour. At lunchtime on Saturday, the monster reaches the north of Heppenheim … Read more >>>